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"At Kader, we build long-term relationships with our customers through providing them with services and products that they can trust.”

Entering into our seventh decade, Mr. H.C. Ting’s vision and values persist in Kader’s management. Whether a member of the staff has been with the Company for more than 40 years or was recently recruited, all of us believe in being beneficial to society, engaging in ethical and fair business practices, manufacturing products that we are proud of and having a sense of integrity and responsibility. We are all committed to offering our clients dependable services and manufacturing trusted products for them.

  Preparing an Electric Injection Moulding Machine for production  
  One of Sanda Kan's factories in southern China  

Joining Forces

  In late 2008 Kader acquired Sanda Kan Industrial Company Limited (Sanda Kan).
The acquisition created strategic synergies
between the two companies, making more resources and facilities available, and also provides our clients with a solid financial backbone.

Established in 1973, Sanda Kan is a highly recognized developer and manufacturer of precision models.
It produces a full range of model train locomotives, from the very small 1:220 scale to the large 1:22 scale products. Other hobby items include electronic slot racing cars, sophisticated digital controls as well as accessories such as scenery, promotional cars and trucks. It continues to work closely with some of the world’s leading brands from concept to mould construction through to final production.

Sanda Kan’s unique structure allows for maximum flexibility. Its production facilities are located in Songgang, Shenzhen and Wanjiang, Dongguan. Each location is outfitted with mould shops providing full service on-site mould construction and maintenance. Both locations are also sub-divided into individual factories capable of manufacturing complete products, which are comprehensively equipped with injection moulding machines, tempo printing and spraying facilities, and dedicated assembly lines. This arrangement provides our clients with the dedicated capacity, service and privacy levels that they may require.

Together with Sanda Kan and their expertise in the models industry, Kader further reaffirms our commitment to manufacture quality products.

Making It Happen

All our manufacturing facilities are strategically located in southern China.

A key factor in our overall success is the dedication and loyalty of our employees. We have a collective workforce of approximately 1,000 personnel in Hong Kong and China, who create, manufacture, inspect, pack and ship millions of toys and various other products each year.

In production, we maintain our competitiveness through efficiency, quality and reliability. We are also diligent in continually enhancing safety precautions and quality controls providing peace of mind for our clients.
  ICs being bonded to Printed Circuit Boards  

Our unique corporate culture allows for a large degree of flexibility. We are capable of developing programs from initial concept through to production and shipment or we can work hand-in-hand with our customer’s engineers to realize the perfect toy, model or product.

Kader utilises a full contingent of CNCs, High Speed Engravers, EDMs and Wire Cutters for the manufacturing of precision moulds.

The Plastic and Die Cast Injection, Rotocasting and Blow Moulding machines produce various parts and pieces for assembly. Die-bonding and SMT equipment fulfil requirements for PCB assembly. The Spraying Painting booths and Tampo Printers allows us to apply the most sophisticated decorations to our products. All the parts are then put together under rigorous quality controls and packed at our multiple assembly lines.
  Our engineers utilize advanced
3D CAD software in the product design and development process
Engineering Solutions

Our engineering team offers complete engineering and design solutions for all their customers. Being based both in Hong Kong and the Mainland, our experienced engineers are able to provide services ranging from product design and development, mould design and development, electronic engineering to production process engineering. They offer solutions for clients with simple projects, to those that require complex electronic and mechanical support.

We have strengthened our R&D capability and improved our electronics manufacturing processes to cope with customer demands for highly advanced digital control

systems. Our equipment includes environmentally controlled surface mount technology manufacturing equipment as well as nitrogen reflow ovens.
Precision Moulds

As one of the oldest mould manufacturers in Hong Kong, the Company has over 70 years of experience in making quality plastic and die cast moulds. The mould shop is staffed by skilled technicians, and supported by the latest machinery including CNCs, EDMs, High Speed Engravers and Wire-Cutters amongst others. We are able to produce the most challenging of moulds as required by our customers. Our computer systems, machinery and equipment are constantly being updated to ensure design and tooling standards are at the highest level.
  Metal moulds and electrodes
being inspected
Traditional Toys

Having manufactured more than 10,000 varieties of toys, we have highly experienced, professional people who offer one-stop original equipment manufacture (OEM) and original design manufacture (ODM) services to customers throughout the world including Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, UK and USA.

The Company presents our clients with a full offering of support services, providing a one-stop strategy for manufacturing. Whether our client’s requirements are in plastics, plush, electronics or an integrated product necessitating mechanical and electrical design and engineering, we are prepared to fulfil them.

We also offer in-house plush pattern design and sampling. Sampling rooms in Hong Kong and at the manufacturing facilities in China generate fast, accurate designs and patterns. After designs are finalised, seamstresses use the machines for fabric sewing, button openings, pattern sewing and hair rooting to turn them into products which warm every child’s heart.

  This collection of HO scale steam, electric and diesel model trains are authentic reproductions of actual China locomotives and are unique
to the Bachmann brand
Scale Model Railroads

We produce over 1.0 million train products annually and our award winning precision models attract and fascinate collectors all over the world.

Researched, engineered and assembled in house, these scale locomotives, coach cars, rolling stockcars, cabooses and other accessories represent our continuing quest for perfection. Other than the Bachmann Brand, we also provide ODM services in model railroads. At present we manufacture model railroads for clients in Europe and the United States, some of which we have had a continued relationship for over 25 years.

Whether steam or diesel locomotives, nearly all
equipped for digital sound or other digital add-ons,
features which greatly enhance play value. Taking advantage of the digital age and with the help of our electronics engineering team, we developed our proprietary Bachmann E-Z Command Controller. It is the first truly affordable Digital Command Controller being offered on the market allowing users to independently program and control multiple locomotives without the need for complicated layouts, additional wiring and expensive equipment. We further developed this technology and launched DYNAMIS, which provided the user total freedom by integrating wireless technology into the system.
Quality First

All items undergo stringent quality control processes to be compliant with our customers’ every requirement.
Our quality managers are familiar with toy safety standards in all major markets including, but not limited to, North America, Europe and China.

Kader is ISO 9001 accredited and our team takes great pride in our work and stand by our products.

We support and our manufacturing facilities are
compliant with the International Council of Toys
  Stringent quality control processes are essential during manufacturing  
Industries’ Care Process. We believe by creating a healthy working environment, we also foster a loyal workforce.


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